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Swanson Meadows Golf Course is a 2300-yard, nine-hole public course that rewards accuracy and navigating different types of hazards and surfaces. Learn all about each individual hole and come visit today to try it out yourself!

367 yards, Strong Par 4

Hole 1

A good drive down the right hand side will kick back to the middle of the fairway, leaving you with a short iron into a green that is guarded by one of the green side bunkers on this magnificent golf course. Fire at the pin placement at this mature green. The first hole is straight-away with a bunker 175 yards on the left side.

293 yards, Par 4

Hole 2

Although it is not listed as the toughest hole on the course, it is very tricky. From an elevated tee, golfers must keep their ball right as there is water on the left side about 190 yards down. That water shelters the green and there is only a small area on the right to get on the green to stay dry. After a shot over the green, golfers face a nine-foot drop and the ball will roll far away. Sevens or eight’s can easily be recorded here.

352 yards, Par 4

Hole 3

Out of bounds left. You are not allowed to go into the wetlands areas. The hardest hole on the golf course to make your elusive par. With the pin placement on the left side will almost but guarantee you a par at best.

170 yards, Par 3

Hole 4

The first of the four par 3’s. Depending on the wind you may need to take one more club, don’t be deceived by the downhill shot. You are really hitting to a level green. Don’t pull your mid iron into this large green. More people will find themselves raking their way out of the sand trap in front of the green.

126 yards, Par 3

Hole 5

In our review of the golf course this will be the easiest hole. Don’t miss this green or you will see a 4 or 5 on your scorecard. Guarded by three sand traps and the backside of this hole slopes away from the green.

303 yards, Par 4

Hole 6

A slight dogleg right hole that will play down wind, that funnels towards the middle. A short wedge will be your approach shot into this smaller green. Don’t go long or you will be hitting through trees and if you are lucky enough, you will just have to challenge your sand game with a deep-faced bunker shot. The green slopes back to front….good luck.

128 yards, Par 3

Hole 7

You will be tempted to hit too little of club because of the yardage, take one more club; you would rather be long, although not an easy shot from behind the green. Most golfers will come up short and have to go to the drop area, in front of the red tee box. Great character builder on this hole. The match will either be won or lost here.

153 yards, Par 3

Hole 8

The prevailing wind will most likely be in your direction, a long to mid iron will be the club of choice. This definitely will be the toughest of the par 3’s on this golf course. Players will come up short to this green until they get used to the wind and elevation change.

351 yards, Par 4

Hole 9

The finishing hole and what a great one. Up hill all the way. You must hit it over the mound towards the left-hand side of the fairway, the ball will bounce back towards the middle of the fairway. The approach shot will be uphill and require an additional club to this guarded green. Bail out shot must be long of green, but be careful of the out of bounds too long.